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Open-Source Arabic Parsing v1.7

Update: a newer version available here

Couple of bugs has been fixed.

An Arabic parsing script for proper Arabic readability on Flash Player 8 and 9 without the use of Adobe Text Layout Framework, runs on the client-side with no need to migrating older projects for Flash Player 10 ..

You can integrate my parser into your library as open-source under GNU GPL license.

ActionSctipt 2.0 version available here
ActionSctipt 3.0 version available here

Features Supported:

  1. Embedding Fonts (just put a dynamic textfield on-stage and select at least Basic Latin (95 glyphs) and Arabic (1088 glyphs) from the Character Embedding menu).
  2. Arabic Ligatures.
  3. Word Wrapping.
  4. Bi-Directional text.
  5. HTML Text.
  6. Loading External text on run-time.
  7. Windows/Mac/Linux support.
  8. Arabic enabled input fields using actionscript method (createArabicInput) with the help of javascript (arabicinput.js) beta

Features Not Supported:

  1. Arabic Diacritics (not necessarily for reading Arabic language in general, arabs are using diacritics mostly for writing Quran, and in that case diacritics are not the only missing feature, there’re many other ligatures cases in Arabic used for Quran writing).

Fixed Bugs:

  1. Proper chevron brackets.
  2. Proper single Arabic characters at both line ends of a text block.

Also you can use this online tool to copy proper Arabic into any Adobe software that does not support Arabic, like Flash, Fireworks, … , etc

For the font embedding and reducing file size, you can use shared fonts, and port those from a different server, follow this guide ..

7 thoughts to “Open-Source Arabic Parsing v1.7”

  1. first of all, great thanks for this useful class 🙂
    I have a problem, sometimes the class splits a letter from its original place and put it alone at a full line
    here two pictures one shows the error and the other shows how it was solved but it isn’t really a solution
    after adding a space at a certain place !!!!!
    (note that I uses v1.5 but even after trying v1.7 I have the same problem)

  2. thanks for your reply
    I tried setting warpFactor to .98 or less till I reached the zero 🙂
    then I removed the numbers so it’s now only an arabic text, however it’s same. and I tried changing the warpFactor again but it didn’t fix it

  3. thanks again for your help, my mistake was not using rightMargin property for the text format

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