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Arabic Parsing and Shared Fonts

This tutorial uses ActionScript 2.0, for ActionScript 3.0 follow this one ..

The following is a step-by-step tutorial for using shared fonts in Flash with the use of Arabic Parsing solution:

  1. Create New Flash file to store shared fonts, in this case “arabic_fonts.fla”
  2. Create new MovieClip symbol, in this case “arabic_fonts” and check the option “Export for runtime sharing”, in this case “arabic_fonts.swf”
  3. Edit “arabic_fonts” MovieClip and create as many TextFields as you require, each with specific font to be shared
  4. Select each TextField individually and embed fonts from the properties panel
  5. Make sure you have checked the Arabic glyphs and you have chosen font name for linkage
  6. Complie the output movie, save and close “arabic_fonts.fla”
  7. Open your rendering Flash file, in this case “arabic_as2.fla” located in the same directory with “arabic_fonts.fla”
  8. Create new MovieClip symbol and give it the exact same name for the shared library symbol, in this case “arabic_fonts”, then check the option “Import for runtime sharing”, in this case “arabic_fonts.swf”

    When asked to edit the newly created symbol, make sure that you choose “No”

  9. Drag and instance of “arabic_fonts” MovieClip off-stage
  10. Compile the output movie, you should see fonts displayed correctly
  11. Download sample files here

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