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Arabic Web Fonts on iOS [RESOLVED]

As per my previous post here about using custom Arabic web fonts for Safari on iOS, finally I had the solution, and guess what ?! it’s using TrueType fonts !!

It seems like iOS has an issue with glyph lookup names for Arabic various ligatures when using custom TTF as @font-face in CSS, so I figured why not using my parser I used for Flash Player and ActionScript to manually perform that procedure for the iOS as well ?!, the funny thing that it worked nicely !!

You can check this example on your iPad ..

Arabic Web Fonts on iOS

Note: your iPad must have iOS version 4.2 or higher ..

If you do not have your fonts in TrueType format, I recommend using FontForge to generate a working TTF version ..

12 thoughts to “Arabic Web Fonts on iOS [RESOLVED]”

  1. @Mohamed Gad

    Thanks for your interest, I did preview your page on iPad and it has a JavaScript error while defining parseArabic function ..
    You do have an error in the head tag while loading parseArabic.js
    Just replace the following:

    <script style="display: none;" 

    with the following:

    <script type="text/javascript" 
  2. Hi Ahmed:

    Thanks for your reply, but I found some bugs for the following words:


    Please check the following link to check the previous words.

    Another thing when I make style css for paragraphs into the div element there is no respond I don’t know why.


  3. @Mohamed Gad

    Unfortunately arabic diacritics and styles are not supported yet using this solution, I will notify you once they’re available ..

  4. Hi, first of all thank you sir for this very useful script it helped me a lot but I was wondering if a solution for the arabic diacritics exists yet because I am having trouble with it                thank you in advance for the reply

  5. Hi Ahmed,Thank you for this great utility for arabic support.It was of great help. However i am facing some problems with some of the words.These are the same words mentioned by @Mohamed Gad.You had mentioned that you will prepare a newer version and update the post.Have been able to create a new version?Thanks.

  6. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you .. would you ever care about posting a detailed patch to Webkit/Apple ?

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