Dec 2012

Egyptian start-up project that matches talents with opportunities through trusted social connections.

First release has been published few months ago, and I feel delighted to mention that today is the official launch date for its new release.

My involvement with the team was very recent, yet I decided to construct the User Experience from scratch, including UI Design.

The project is basically a Social Recruitment tool, and it’s considered the first of a kind in Egypt, the idea is very interesting, you can have your own account in less than 30 seconds, just upload your resume, add some skills, and that’s it.

Careerise will do almost everything else for you, you may find jobs matching you listed already at first login.

The exciting part is that you also can find jobs matches your friends from different networks (like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter), where you can recommend a job for one of your friends and vice versa.

Which means you can have a good chance to get recommended yourself by one or more of your friends, especially when your referrer was working at the same company, it creates a higher level of trust when you apply for the job and increases your reputation.

Careerise has many more features, you can narrow your matching jobs by following companies, you can post jobs yourself in minutes and get your short links, you can ask for recommendation for a specific job, you can even make money (referral rewards) by recommending your friends, and many more.