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Open-Source Arabic Parsing v1.9

Update: a newer version available here

One bug has been fixed.
One optional boolean (americanFormat) has been added for converting all numerals into American Standard ###,###,###.####

An Arabic parsing script for proper Arabic readability on Flash Player 8 and 9 without the use of Adobe Text Layout Framework, runs on the client-side with no need to migrating older projects for Flash Player 10 ..

You can integrate my parser into your library as open-source under GNU GPL license.

ActionSctipt 2.0 version available here
ActionSctipt 3.0 version available here

Features Supported:

  1. Embedding Fonts (just put a dynamic textfield on-stage and select at least Basic Latin (95 glyphs) and Arabic (1088 glyphs) from the Character Embedding menu).
  2. Arabic Ligatures.
  3. Word Wrapping.
  4. Bi-Directional text.
  5. HTML Text.
  6. Loading External text on run-time.
  7. Windows/Mac/Linux support.
  8. Arabic enabled input fields using actionscript method (createArabicInput) with the help of javascript (arabicinput.js) beta

Features Not Supported:

  1. Arabic Diacritics (not necessarily for reading Arabic language in general, arabs are using diacritics mostly for writing Quran, and in that case diacritics are not the only missing feature, there’re many other ligatures cases in Arabic used for Quran writing).

Fixed Bugs:

  1. Numeric clock-time.

Also you can use this online tool to copy proper Arabic into any Adobe software that does not support Arabic, like Flash, Fireworks, … , etc

For the font embedding and reducing file size, you can use shared fonts, and port those from a different server, follow this guide ..

Beware Of Facebook Security Question

Have you created your security question yet for your Facebook account?
In case you did, then beware .. someone else can still hijack your account claiming to be you just by guessing the answer of your security question !!

What on earth? oh yeah, to understand this, first you need to be aware of a few facts:

  1. Security Question can be created only once on Facebook, you’ll never be able to change it or even update your answer later !
  2. Facebook gives you the opportunity to recover your account if you believe your account has been compromised by another person or a virus, just report your compromised account.
  3. If you used that reporting procedure and you already lost your password (changed by the hijacker), then Facebook will show your previously chosen security question, and if you did answer correctly, then you will be able to enter “new” e-mail address and “new” password and your account will be locked for 24 hours.
  4. Facebook will send an e-mail with password change notification to all e-mail addresses associated with your account (including the new one you just entered), that notification will have a safety link to rollback the whole recovery process in case it was in fact a phishing scam.

Seems fine, is it not ?

Well .. what if you chose an easy security question with an easier answer, something could be guessed by one of your acquaintances, who else is likely to know who your first grade teacher was, or what street did you live on when you were 8 years old, or any of the other choices provided by Facebook?
They do not even give you the option to enter your own security question !

Combine that fact with bad luck .. like someone have successfully guessed your security answer while you were doing camping in the desert for 3 whole days with no phone signal or internet connection available !
Or you were sick at the hospital !
Or you just ignored your e-mail inbox for a while !!
Most likely, that person will successfully have your account pretending to be you, and Facebook can do nothing about it !
They gave you your 24 hours to catch the hijacker, remember ?!

How ironic .. those who did not create their security question, they won’t fall for this, because Facebook will ask them to either have access to one of the e-mail addresses associated with their compromised account (which is silly, sure the hijacker would change those), or they have to request some sort of verification from 3 of their friends (in case the hijacker did not “unfriend” them all), yet still this procedure is much harder for the hijacker from the first place, he had to have access to your e-mail too in order to use this procedure to steal you account !

If the hijacker holds deep feelings against you, your account could be lost forever just by blocking all your friends, changing all your e-mail addresses, starting to post shit in your name to your friends, or even delete your account !

No need to exaggerate, the point is: you still can recover your account from the hijacker because he also can not change your security answer !
All what you need to do is to keep an eye on your e-mail inbox at least once every 24 hours, so you won’t miss such an important password change notification, it holds your key to survive the hijacker ..
For that matter, I recommend you getting a Blackberry phone with internet access !
It’s the best way to get e-mail notifications while you walk around, and of course try to avoid desert camping !

If you did not yet create your security question, then it’s your lucky day ..
You need to create that indeed, just remember to type an answer off topic, something doesn’t related to the selected question !

Finally, some extra security might help in addition to your security question, have another look at your account security status ..