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UX Strategy Simplified

Today I had an interesting question, what is my UX Strategy?

My answer was something about parallel work streams and synchronizing UX with development, sounds like a good idea at the moment ..
After doing my homework, I think I have more accurate answer to that ..
In fact, it wasn’t quite correct trying to think of a strategy in a single statement, if there is no identified actions it would be more like a discipline then a strategy ..

“A strategy is a set of coordinated, orchestrated, planned actions, or tactics, which will take you along a journey to reach a desired future state, over an established period of time. Design objectives are conditions or outcomes that a project must meet, often of tactical nature. User experience (UX) strategy shouldn’t therefore be confused with design objectives.” Renato Feijó – Johnny Holland Magazine

There’re many UX strategies, I had to read tons of words just to figure that out!
After all, I find the following more straightforward and compelling UX Strategy:

  1. User Stories: frame the problem space without identifying the solution.
  2. Key Scenarios: combining user stories to expose enough detail about the nature of the project.
  3. User Pathways: walkthrough process represented by post-its.
  4. Interactive Prototypes: visualizing pathways into paper prototypes and mock-ups.
  5. Wireframes: modeling user interfaces in preparation for the actual designs.

For more Agile UX Strategy, here is an article by Austin Govella


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