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Update: a newer version available here

As per my previous post here, I have another improved version, my deepest thanks to Jan Jonas who did contribute on this one, you can use and test my new parseArabic method ..


  1. Dynamic TextField
  2. HTML Enabled TextField
  3. Pre-Assigned TextFormat
  4. Arabic Font

Features Supported:

  1. Embedding Fonts (just put a dynamic textfield on-stage and select at least Basic Latin (95 glyphs) and Arabic (1088 glyphs) from the Character Embedding menu).
  2. Arabic Ligatures.
  3. Word Wrapping.
  4. Bi-Directional text.
  5. HTML Text.
  6. Loading External text on run-time.
  7. Windows/Mac/Linux support.
  8. Arabic enabled input fields using actionscript method (createArabicInput) with the help of javascript (arabicinput.js) beta


  1. For matching/comparing input string, when referencing original input string use the data property (TextField.data) instead of (TextField.text)

Features Not Supported:

  1. Arabic Diacritics.

Fixed Bugs:

  1. Single Characters.
  2. Single-line TextField with autoSize.
  3. Upper-Case non-arabic characters.
  4. Extra Spacing at the end of each line (fixed by “Jan Jonas”).
  5. Double line-breaks (fixed by “Jan Jonas”).
  6. Empty String input.
  7. All Arabic Fonts are supported (requires embedding)
  8. Improved string processing performance

Here is an example works with this external XML file (with run-time resizing vs. wrapping):

download the above example here

And here is another example for using a work-around approach for solving Arabic Input on Mac/Linux, the approach uses this JavaScript file in conjunction with ActionScript to create transparent HTML controls and place them exactly over our input TextFields inside flash, the method works fine on Firefox, but it needs a lot more modifications for cress-browser compatibility, your contributions are most welcome for sure ..

download arabic input example here