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Only few will find this video speaking of itself, in fact, there’s so much to tell ..
Projects recorded vary from websites to desktop applications, no matter how they look like, they all had the same scenario:

  1. Specific business field to be analyzed and highlighted.
  2. Maintained business identity throughout elegant and clean user interface.
  3. Interactive design demonstrates ease of access to all information available.

It’s more about what and why rather than how ..
At first, I might have found that Flash and ActionScript a good choice to deliver the necessary experiences, considering Flash Player the most interactive platform, plus the cross-browser compatibility feature (minimum browsers testing hassle) ..
But I turned into JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, in order to keep up with the global recent direction ..
Yet the point still about delivering specific user experiences, which was the most important task for each project ..
Analyzing and planning that task consumed more effort than the technical implementation aspect, regardless of using Flash or not ..

The reason behind doing both aspects (design and development) is simply the limited resources capable of producing what I have in mind in terms of user experiences, at least in my country ..
One day, when I have access to the proper resources, I may be able focus on my precious part only ..
Aiming to concentrate my efforts to design for the best user experience ..

Note: all websites content are property of their clients, only demonstrating Usability Engineering, UI Design and Development ..

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