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I can find no words to describe how I feel when I find my kittens asleep, very much like a calming potion ..

Zorro: abnormally active and extremely stupid ..

Simon: aristocratically shy and very smart ..

Is there any other measures of peace we can find?

Check Zorro’s public figure !

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My kitty bit me while giving him a bath, my blood ran out of my vessels intensively, I hit him badly for that, I felt panic watching his left eye turning red from my torturing! what a sadistic person I am! I deserve a special place in hell I suppose! I really do!!
Next morning, he recovers extremely fast! and he came to me plays like he never did before! and he still does!!
But ..
My thumb doesn’t look that good, the swelling turned my left thumb to a mini red balloon, the pain is awfully annoying, now I’m taking all the bloody shots for Tetanus and Rabies, also trying to escape doctors who strive to trim that thumb out of my god given body! by having proper cleaning, treatment and medication, I hope that works without losing that thumb!
Who says that humans are the strongest creatures?! kill that guy for me please!!