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On Feb 11th 2011, Egyptian Youth Revolution (started on Jan 25th 2011) has acquired its primary target by declaring the resignation of the former president Hosni Mubarak, it is the first true youth revolution the human history ever recorded !

The following scene I have recorded at Tahrir Square (Cairo – Egypt) where me and all my Egyptian Youth brothers were celebrating that event:

The following shot was taken here before my arrival to Alexandria on Feb 12th 2011 where Egyptian Youth continue their celebrations:

Alexandria Egyptian Youth Celebrations

“Raise your head up, you are an Egyptian” that was the repeated statement we kept on saying out loud, it was a wonderful moment, hundreds of thousands are shouting at the same time, felt like the walls of nearby buildings were shaking ..

My previous post here describes the reasons for such revolution, at least from my point of view as an Egyptian Youth myself ..

How do we feel right now ? .. Fearless, we aim to lead not to follow ..
What are we doing right now ? .. Rebuilding our country from the bottom ..
What’s going to happen next ? .. Whoever is going to be our new president, he won’t even think about treating us like slaves anymore, no one will ..

Each one of us is starting with himself in a self-peace state finally earned, time of unity against a ruthless government has ended, now it’s time of variety in plans, how else can we elect properly ?!

To be honest, I know it’s not going to be easy, people do not change in such short notice, but I have faith in my brothers, in their ability to change, to listen, and to act positively ..
The most obvious sign of this revolution is the digital aspect, it all started on Facebook !
I say more importantly is promoting the awareness in the sealed minds of my young brothers by all means necessary, and that includes the digital ones of course ..
It’s a mission we all have, especially those who have enough experience and sufficient skills at this point ..

No one truly knows the future, but we definitely know our past, we are writing our history right now ..

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