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Things are a little bit different now, no more fear from my former government suspending any of this, and I am grateful that Sandmonkey’s post is available now after having our freedom ..

I am writing this knowing that my wonderful government can simply block my blog for it, but the whole world need to know the truth behind the Egyptian Youth, your support will be appreciated whoever you are ..

I am only one of the Egyptian Youth who suffers for long from the corrupt regime here in Egypt, I have never joined any protest and have no previous history as activist, and I do not belong to any political parties, just like tens of thousands of youth anti-mubarak protesters !

We (as Egyptian Youth) did not live past Mubarak regime, our parents and elders are the only source for any former incidents we did not experience ourselves, but the common factor is extreme negativity passed to us !

Most of the following is based on my own experience which came from living in Cairo (16 million), but I believe that other cities suffer the same issues at different levels ..

We used to beware from almost every government institution in Egypt especially the Internal Affairs Ministry and its guardians of policemen, even when having no criminal history !

We find many bribers in government institutions and we grew up with a brittle law that protect those over our rights ..

When we think of our education they force us into their systems based on our high school grade without looking into our talents or our needs, plus the deepest thought for having an university degree either way, if we don’t we face hell with the society, paperwork, even marriage! despite the fake university degree we obtain, education in Egypt is a disaster, only few of us who truly trained themselves by themselves !

When we graduate and think of starting business we do not find any guide anywhere! like something covers the available industries in our country with their tax law and/or the necessary paperwork and regulations, and if we can’t find our way to collect these information (by asking other people) then we may not be able to start anything at all !

When we seek an apartment, a house, a car for settlement, we fall into massive debts consumes our salaries (in case we had any), most of us can not even find a job with enough salary to cover basic transportation and pocket money !

We breath a fairly dense pollution each day, we eat food filled with chemicals, we wait for a glass of water a few minutes before the strange white color cleared out !

We walk for miles to find a single garbage basket in the street, so we used to through tiny papers and empty food wrappers as garbage anywhere !

We spend hours in street jams, and we easily listen to rumors ! the last fact I do not quite understand myself !

We do not keep track of any political changes in newspapers, and if we do we sit and laugh at the obvious fakers ! we lost faith in our TV channels since it lies to us and treating us like kids or a bunch of idiots !

We find most people do nothing but consuming the super-markets and the stores ! and the rest of their money they spent on phone bills and restaurants !

Even worse, many of us have reached what I call a static state of negativity ! we see, we hear, we know, but we say and do absolutely nothing ! and when some crazy youth tries, we hear about him or her got arrested or turned into an activist in the next day news !

I tried to speak to the young among us, fresh graduates, even students, tried to open their mind and convince them to follow my footsteps by educating themselves, but ..
I find no interest at all ! they just lost their motivation long ago ! they just say “for who and for what ?!!”
They keep playing silly games on facebook, chatting with their friends all night on phone and over the internet without a single intention to do something useful !

I am talking about millions of Egyptian Youth who suffers everyday misery in Egypt, and no one listens, our elders left no room for discussion, our government left no space to escape !

I’m trying to be fair as much as possible, may be part of our problems resides at our homes between us and our elders, but I say it’s a regime issue, which clouded our parents thoughts and now blocking ours !

When I heard about Jan 25 protest, I asked about their requests and I did not join ! I told myself, it’s just another false move as usual !! and I went with my colleagues to a Safari trip at the middle of the desert as we arranged to do so prior to the protest date .. but ..

Once we arrived into destination, we all watched the TV shows the violence against protesters by our government policemen ! we felt sick, our phones went dead, no internet, nothing for a horrible 2 days out there where we also watched the massive destruction on Jan 28 !!

We decided to get back immediately to fix what we can, when we saw the remaining chaos we couldn’t believe ..

At this point we were a bunch of peaceful Egyptian Geeks who have no previous political activities, until we saw the hidden videos about what really happened since Jan 25, you can find plenty of those on YouTube, CNN, BBC, and many more !

Without any notice, each one decided to start protesting against the regime and we were surprised when we found that each protester share the same reasons, no one followed some calling, we all just felt angry for the amount of spilled blood of regular and innocent citizens ..

Personally, I do not care who burned the police stations after what happened, and of course chaos and protests will leave the door wide open for thieves, but that kind of government violence is absolutely rejected ..

I almost joined each and every peaceful protest against the regime since Jan 29, more people are joining us daily, until we all witnessed the major massacre on Feb 2 ! and I learned that my young brother was at the scene as well !!

I don’t know how to express my feelings by then, what a shame, may be my brother was lucky enough to get out of there alive but heavily beaten of course! but I almost gone crazy when I heard about those who vote for Mubarak and call themselves pro-mubarak protesters !! even our old men in the streets blamed us for what happened by then ! some forced their sons to stay at home and abandon the anti-mubarak protests !!

That kind of tragedy made me feel defeated and broken, and the world feel sorry !! next day we hear about some of us got captured either by regular citizens or by the government, and of course they magically caught those with fire-guns ! others say that few are disappeared !!

I did not even see a fire-gun all my life to this moment, I never heard or seen a gun, a wooden stick, or a knife in a hand of an anti-mubarak protester, and by far not a single channel have recorded any !
Only in the hands of pro-mubarak, the handful of fearful and traitors who do not care about their brothers who got injured or killed since Jan 25 !!

Yesterday on Feb 4 where I joined millions to stand for those who bleed for our misery and a better future, only then I felt relived, or more accurately I felt alive once again !

I recall my favorite quote right now “despite all discouragements”, this is exactly what describes the action of the millions at Tahrir Squar in Cairo, who stood for violence since Feb 2, and I will keep supporting those, not for politics this time, but for the blood of my brothers ..

No one here in Egypt even us the protesters have any idea about the possibilities here, the government has a better political workarounds of course, and we know that they won’t tire that easy, they seem not caring about a single drop of blood from this country ! all I know that no violent action passes without judgment, and we ask for absolute judgment, it’s not about complicated political details, constitution changes and big names for presidency, no meaning and no honor in listening to those who butchered us, there’s no law, no religion, and no code of conduct supports such criminality ..

I suppose that my faithful government may try all means to block my voice and any other similar voices, just like Sandmonkey, but it’s my duty to spread the word at least, may be someone reads this and help making the change that we’re bleeding to make for 12 days now !!

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