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For the first time I ask myself how to escape my great depression?! despite all what I’ve read about such emotional feelings, I still find it more like a lightening strike, we do not really know when it hits us ..

Who am I anyway, what really describes me best right now .. struggling between being plugged into technology and being shot into space .. living in a mad house in Egypt called Cairo .. hiding behind my mysterious imaginations .. and most of all .. suffering from a frequently brain-freeze status!

I used to believe that everything happens to me is because of some reason I’ve actually created myself .. I know that I’ve been buried between a keyboard and a screen for a long time .. and this is exactly what blocks my eyes from seeing so much in this world .. sometimes I feel like I can’t help it and I am addicted .. other times I feel like a prisoner .. how could I feel so much hesitation?

Hesitation .. I can’t ignore being afraid just by saying this word .. may be it’s my pride .. may be I’m writing this post trying to face it ..

I’ve always believed that there’s an answer to any question .. even if it doesn’t exist “yet” in human known history books .. even if it requires an extraterrestrial form of life .. and here I am seeking a new answer ..

Since my brain prefers the analytical behavior, then I might try acting like a seeker instead of talking like one .. and that requires taking off .. using my power of observation .. being exposed .. intentionally!

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November 14th, 2009

eah ya basha …. khair
is it Sarmady, or what?!! :)

There is alwasy an answer for our questions, we just sometimes ask the wrong person.

fowa’ kedda and we will talk.